Working Guidelines

I often get asked to model by groups or in venues who may not have hosted life drawing before. Here are few guiding words on working with me.

Ensure the room you have is suitable for life modeling. It must be completely shielded from public view & protected from public access, be safe to work in. The area for me to change, the area where I will be modeling & the route between the two needs to be clean. I work best in a temperate environment, around 18-22˚ is perfect so no need to spend lots of money on heating. Generally how comfortable you are in clothing is how comfortable I am nude so if I am modeling in costume, a little cooler again is fine.

I can model on a hard surface but the ideal is a surface that is somewhere between a yoga mat and a memory foam topper. If you wish I could bring a yoga mat if you feel you may have nothing suitable – if in doubt it is best is to ask. I only ever work on my own coverings unless you can guarantee any coverings you provide are freshly laundered on the day. You can request a colour/shading and I will endeavour to supply if possible.

Cameras, phones or any other recording devices, including iPads, laptops & CCTV, are NOT permitted to be used within the room or even to be ‘on view’ they must be entirely covered up inside a pocket or a bag. I prefer phones switched off entirely however in a circumstance of someone needing a phone to be left on & the phone rings –it must NOT be taken out in the room. Lift the bag or coat etc that contains the phone & leave the room before taking it out to answer.

I have been modeling for a long time & have a fantastic retinue of poses of varying difficulty (to hold/draw) & time. I find having a few moments to discuss what you as an artist or tutor are looking for or wish to achieve, helps enormously to pick out poses that will inspire you best. Similarly with costume & portrait modeling, if there is a style or look you would prefer, talk it through with me as soon as you can, if I don’t have what you need I may be able to source it before the event given enough notice.

Generally my clients trust in my experience & expertise, if there is a specific pose you require, ask, I can then assess it & tell you how long I can hold it for. Otherwise my clients generally prefer to simply ask for a pose from one of 3 categories – standing, sitting or reclining. They then ask for a pose of (x) minutes & I take a pose to match both. For classes, again, talk to me about the lesson you are teaching, I will then be able to take poses that illustrate your teaching point.

Timing is vitally important as I often push the limits on what I can hold. Even 30secs longer than the agreed time can, in some instances, cause me considerable distress. Be accurate with your timing if it is agreed that you are responsible for it, remember to set the timer as soon as I take up the pose & set an alarm for the end if you are liable to get distracted or forget. If, when the time is up, you want to ask for a few seconds or minutes more, ask me. If I can, I will hold the pose a while longer but you must ask as in most cases I will have given you the total time I can hold that pose for.

Many people have never worked with a life model before & yet in all my time I have only ever encountered a tiny amount of disrespect. I expect respect & good manners from a client & all the members of a class or workshop. Insulting, disrespectful or sexual remarks, gestures, behaviours or actions will not be tolerated.