Services, Training and Equipment

Clare Broome, NI’s Professional Model, presents a range of modelling services, training and equipment specifically designed to inspire you.

There are a number of ways to access modelling services, training and equipment from Clare. You can also chose to attend an advertised class run by a third-party venue, or ask your venue/tutor to bring me in. Many venues respond to customer demand so if you want life drawing to be available and for Clare to be your model – ask!

You can also hire Clare directly in a number of ways. To model only, to model with direction, to model & provide a separate tutor. All the this options can be enhanced by requesting Clare to supply media, materials, equipment, refreshments & advertising. Call Clare to talk through what you need. The equipment listed below & the types of modelling are not definitive lists. If you require something not listed – just get in touch and ask for the services, training and equipment you think you may need.

Clare owns a range of art equipment & materials & a full wardrobe of costuming, covers & backdrops.

  • Professional single radial easels
  • Custom built art horses which can also be used as easel height tables
  • Bevelled art boards in a range of sizes
  • Water & turps containers, paint rags & trays for use as palettes
  • Charcoal – willow & compressed, pastels, putty rubbers & pencils
  • Plastic coveralls, gloves, wipes
  • Art texts on fine art, materials/media, street art, fashion & animation
  • Range of card & paper types for sketching
  • Acrylic ready art boards for painting & hand-sized sketch books
  • Custom made podium, mirror & directional lighting.

You can request some or all of the above equipment when Clare is travelling to your venue, please ask for further details.

There are also a number of different types of modelling & training services available.

Life Modelling

The model poses without clothes for an artist or student to study & draw the human body. These sessions are always in a private setting & are not open to anyone under 16. Participants must book in advance for life sessions, or register as an approved drop-in client.

Clothed or Costume Modelling

The model is dressed either very simply or in a more elaborate costume. Costumes can be chosen in line with a specific theme. Event can be open to the general public including children. Usually participants will draw the entire figure though portraitists may wish to concentrate on the head & shoulders.

Clare has a wide range of costumes from the very simple to the elaborate, these can be chosen in line with a specific theme if desired and a complete diorama can be supplied to match.

Portrait Modelling

The model is clothed with a range of different necklines and colours as well as differing hairstyles, millinery, eyewear & jewellery. Again a theme may evident. Participants are generally most focused on the head & shoulders of the model so the model may not keep the rest of the body still.

Specially tailored modelling sessions

Sessions can be tailored to your project or group needs e.g. schools can order a costume package themed to exisiting studies. If your group is unable to host life sessions but would like to concentrate on the figure rather than costuming, a simple body suit can be requested.

Figure drawing workshops can be tailored to provide services for businesses covering such aspects as – team building, releasing new ways of thinking, promoting creativity free unencumbered by self pre-judgment, practice in concentration & observation as well as sessions based on managing stress in productive ways.

Services requiring nudity

Need a dead body? Or a body double for nude scenes? Clare is not registered with any extras organisations but can be hired directly by contacting Clare to discuss your needs.

Medical training can often be enhanced with the use of a live human being in that training. Training which requires the that person to be nude can make it difficult to find suitable volunteers from amongst patients for example. Clare has provided services to the University of Ulster in research testing and is happy to discuss any training or research projects your organisation may have.

Training, mentoring & public speaking

121 training & mentoring courses for life models are available; these can include business & marketing sessions if desired.

For organisations and institutions wishing to induct would-be models or upgrade the skills of those currently working as models a short course can be arranged in house based on the intensive 121 courses.

For individuals or groups who have undergone a major physical transformation, or youth groups working with body issues, sessions on self-confidence, self-esteem and positive body image are available along with a modern twist on comportment.

Clare has delivered talks, facilitated events and represented campaigns across Europe at every level and in every media. Offer a new and exciting speaker for your next event by hiring Northern Ireland’s only full-time professional life model.

If there is a specific type of modelling services, training and equipment you require & have not seen listed here, please do contact Clare to discuss.