When I first began modelling as a teenager I didn’t think much beyond doing the best job I could for the artists I was working with. When I became Northern Ireland’s only full time professional life model I was shocked at the often appalling service being labeled as ‘life modelling’ that some groups & artists were putting up with. On occasion I have also experienced some groups with little knowledge of how to work with a model & in 2012 I turned my attention to improving life modeling, & life drawing classes, in Ireland.

Clare by Rosaleen Sanderson, a painting from when Clare first started life modelling

Clare by Rosaleen Sanderson, a painting from when Clare first started life modelling

Having spent years as a professional trainer and mentor, developing, delivering and assessing classes, I developed an intensive training programme for aspiring life models covering all of the aspects of life modeling & is accessible by individuals wanting to model or in combination with sessions for artists, tutors & venue operators wishing to run or host life drawing classes.

I continue to develop & extend my skills as a life model & by training others to improve their skill levels I know I can help can make Northern Ireland a centre of excellence for life modeling, drawing & other figurative works.

Clare poses for Life Drawing for Animation, drawings by Conaan Fitzpatrick of Interaction & Design at UU

Design & Interaction at the University of Ulster commissioned Clare to model for weekly Life Drawing for Animation sessions to improve the standard of life drawing among students. These drawings of Clare by Conaan Fitzpatrick are head studies of 1min poses.

Of course ‘No Man is an Island’, the best outcome of training is having trained models I can call on afterwards knowing that they will do an excellent modelling job. Richard & Jim have both successfully completed intensive Life Modelling Training with me & Jim continues to be in contact for further professional development & ongoing peer support. As a professional tutor I occasionally run workshop myself & call on Richard or Jim to model for me, or if someone comes to me with a late booking that I am too busy for, it is wonderful to be able to pass that on to Richard & Jim knowing they will do a great job.

Here is a little more about Jim in his own words & in the images from sessions Jim has worked in and images from a former female model who has since retired. In 2017 I will be running workshops with Jim so get in touch to register your interest in attending. A big thank you to the artists who contribute images, as always.


Gail by Tracey

by Tracey


Gail by Lucia Rooney

 by Lucia Rooney









Jim, head detail by Peter Cooper

Jim, head detail by Peter Cooper

Completing training with Clare with his debut in Blick Studios, Jim has also participated in brief clothed poses at the Art College. Training included a range of poses & with a high level of fitness gained from outdoor pursuits, Jim has considerable stamina in for example, holding longer standing poses.

Jim, gestural poses by Peter Cooper

Jim, gestural poses by Peter Cooper