Clare – A Visual Diary

Clare – A Visual Diary of a Professional Life Model is a collection of works by local artists and students who have worked ‘in direct’ with Clare Broome.

A Visual Diary also features works and images demonstrating the importance of life modelling and the study of the human form. Works are linked to keywords throughout the website and are gathered together in this Visual Diary for ease of viewing.

You can contact Clare if you have a piece of artwork that you would like to have featured, the criteria are that you must be the artist or student, the model featured must be Clare Broome and the work must have been completed in a life session with Clare ‘in direct’ i.e. not from a photograph.

Many of the local artists and students have works of Clare for sale so please get in touch with the name of the artist and the title of the piece and Clare will put you in contact with the artist if possible.