22 Apr 2014
April 22, 2014

Clare’s Life Studio

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This afternoon is a closed session with the lovely Stephen McClean & Emma Whitehead. They have hired Clare’s Life Studio for the afternoon to work on larger sized canvases and to be able to direct the session with the number and length of poses.

Often a very large canvas is not practical to bring to regular classes with lots of other participants so most dedicated artists wanting to work on large pieces will use their own studio or hire Clare’s Life Studio for a closed session to do so.

Being able to choose the number and length of poses in a closed session also means you can change the pace in line with how you feel your work is going.

You can view Stephen & Emma's works at their gallery Top Floor Art in Saintfield

You can view Stephen & Emma’s works at their gallery Top Floor Art in Saintfield

If you are working on a specific project that you would like to remain under wraps until it is displayed a closed session at Clare’s Life Studio gives you the privacy to explore your work and techniques as you go along, not worrying about what anyone else thinks.

With some artists I have remained in front of the canvas too, so that no-one other than themselves views the work before they are ready. Other artists, wanting to work with me on a regular basis on a set of pieces, used me as a sounding board as well as model, talking to me about their work, their vision, their techniques.

Being able to discuss the direction of your work with your model is a very enriching experience and one available when working in closed sessions at Clare’s Life Studio on a regular basis. As a professional model of course all discussions remain private.

Having an insight into your vision allows me to tailor the session especially for you. Artists also benefit when working with me on a regular basis as I often am thinking about their vision outside of sessions and bring that forethought back into their sessions next time they’re booked at Clare’s Life Studio.

Get in touch to book your closed session available for £30 per hour for non-regulars or a discounted price for regulars booking a series of closed sessions at Clare’s Life Studio.

(or have a punt and book into a workshop – they all go ahead even if you are the only person attending so you might end up with a 121 for a whole day just for £40!)