Welcome to the home of Clare Broome, Northern Ireland’s only full time professional life model.

Clare provides the highest quality modelling for artists, educators and community groups. Clare specialises in tailored modelling, modelling that is specific to your genre, group or area, for example, 121 life modelling with individual artists, modelling for animation, study of the body for anatomy classes, sculptural modelling and costumed modelling for public events, are only some of the specifically tailored modelling sessions Clare provides.

Learning how to draw from life has a great many advantages in all walks of life, yet is still relatively misunderstood. I hope you will find the answers to many of your questions about life drawing here and I hope to see and work with you at many of the life drawing sessions I model for and run.

In each section of the website you can read about how working with a life model can enrich your work or study in the specific area you are interested in and you can read reviews and recommendations from my clients throughout the site as to how choosing to work with Clare will enhance your learning, teaching or professional work.